Are you an educator, clinician or specialist wishing you had career coaching applicable to the unique field of education? Are you seeking guidance in how to prevent burnout and find your professional spark again?
Rediscovery Coaching Services has been created to provide career coaching and support for busy education professionals looking for renewed positive outlooks in their work life.
At last, you've found a space uniquely designed by an educator for educators. Specially created for those seeking guidance in ways to find greater alignment and enjoyment in their career path outcomes.

Ready to Rediscover your Professional Spark?

Are you feeling stuck in the mundane of your current role? Maybe you feel your skills are not being utilized fully? Are you unclear on your own goals and ambitions? 

Together we’ll rediscover why you do what you do. Whether you’re new to the field or an experienced educator, Rediscovery Coaching Services will provide customized career coaching and advice on ways you can get greater satisfaction in your professional life.  You will receive personalized steps to take while building new practices to achieve your ultimate goals.  While finally receiving the support you’ve been seeking.  

Let's Find Your
Zone of Brilliance

Together, we will discover your Zone of Brilliance- that sweet spot at the convergence of your passions, your talents, your skills and your values.  During your coaching cycle, you will achieve greater self-discovery.  You will gather insight into what is actually most important to you in your professional life.  You will gain confidence by truly understanding your own unique Zone of Brilliance.

It's Time To Examine Your Professional Values

Everyone has core values.  When those values are in alignment with your daily work this leads to greater satisfaction and enjoyment.  Your values may change from a week ago, to a month ago, to a year ago based on your own personal experiences and professional growth. Once you gain greater clarity on your values, you will find it easier to determine whether or not your current position allows you to move closer to or further away from your values.  Our coaching process focuses on finding and examining your professional values. You will learn techniques which will allow you to reevaluate your values anytime you need.

Once you gain greater clarity on your values, you will find it easier to:

  • Make decisions based on what moves you closer to or further away from your values.
  • Influence positive behavioral changes.
  • Create more meaningful connections with others.
  • Understand the root cause of any conflicts you might have with others or with systems in your work place.