Our Career Coaching
Process and Approach

Let’s face it, the road of an education professional isn’t always an easy one. Fortunately, there are many paths that one can travel down and still stay committed to the field.  

Our approach is completely individualized, starting with a blend of activities to work through self-exploration to discover what your skills and sparks are through a variety of tools to help us as guide posts.  Grounded in the science of brain-research, behavior practices and emotional resilience, our coaching aims at helping you achieve renewed energy and passion in your work life.  

The goal of Rediscovery Coaching Services is to keep educators in education- if that is truly what is the best fit.  But if it is not, then we will look at how your current skills and strengths set you up for success in a complimentary career- possibly in one you have not yet imagined. Our priority is to assist you in having a sustained career while continuing to grow and evolve along that path.  

Our journey together will be one of thoughtful, confidential self-discovery where your personal coach serves simply as your mentor and supporter.  How much or how little change is made is ultimately up to you.  But you are not alone, we’ve got this! Let’s do it together.

Who We Serve:

  • Teachers looking to gain insight into how they can incorporate and live closer to their core values.
  • Paraprofessionals seeking advice in critical decision points to provide clarity on short term and long term career plans. 
  • Consultants wanting to make a greater impact in the field.  
  • Education Specialists not sure which position will be the best fit based on their own unique skills and interests. 
  • Behavior Analysts feeling a mismatch between what you want and what you’ve got. 
  • Administrators unhappy with day-to-day responsibilities and struggling to find ways to motivate not only others but themselves. 
  • Clinicians analyzing their position and realizing their skills are not being fully utilized currently. 
  • and more!


are you ready to rediscover your professional spark?